We Need a Strong EU Deforestation Law!

Young artists send a strong message against the deforestation for EU MEPs:

Download the Booklet (PDF): We all hang on forests!

Please, take action: send your message to MEPs!

EU forest law - hang on forests
EU forest law - deforestation
EU forest law in action
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Alien predators pose a threat to ground-nesting birds in Northern Europe

The invasive alien raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) proved to be a more frequent and opportunistic predator than any of the native predator species.

Raccoon dog and birds nest

Alien species are recognised as presenting an increasingly global threat to native species, but we often lack evidence of their interactions and effects. For example, boreal nesting duck species have recently declined in abundance and in Finland more than half of the species are now classified as endangered. Alien predators have been suspected as playing a part in these declines and new studies suggest that this suspicion is justified. A joint Helsinki and Aarhus University study established more than 400 artificial nests containing farmed mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) eggs in normal duck nesting sites in Finland and Denmark, monitoring nest fates with wildlife cameras.

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Alien predators pose a threat to ground-nesting birds in Northern Europe


Invasive species American mink meets European mink

Invasive American mink pose a risk for birds nesting especially in wetlands & archipelago. It also is a threat for critically endangered European mink.


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Wild bees also need food!

Bee hotel - No restaurant!

Bee hotels help wild solitary bees & wasps. Also rotten tree trunks and open sandy patches are good for them. But pollinators also need food. So mowe less grass & leave wild areas for wild flowers in the garden, please!

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Let’s Move for the EU Nature Restoration Law!

Move for nature - restoration

Join the virtual WWF challenge and show that we need an ambitious EU nature restoration law now!



Nature is good for physical and mental health




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Removing “Road Dams” in Europe – Webinar

Culvert - a river runs trhough it - fish don't

The World Fish Migration Foundation, The United States Forest Service, and The Nature Conservancy invite you to join us for a 3 hour, international webinar highlighting the need and opportunities to improve road and stream crossings to enhance the biodiversity of rivers across Europe! 

January 19th, 2022 from 15:00-18:00 Central European Time (CET) 

River fragmentation from constructed barriers poses one of the greatest threats to freshwater biodiversity and river ecosystem function. In Europe, there are an estimated 1.2 million barriers; over 200,000 of these are mapped culverts/road crossings. 

Dams and weirs get much needed attention, but river fragmenting culverts and road crossings are more common and often overlooked. These structures have an outsized impact on critical headwater rivers and streams. It’s time to shed light on this critical issue! 

Removing “Road Dams” in Europe – Webinar


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