One Million Bird Boxes!

Bird box - Boreal owl

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle launched the One Million Bird Boxes campaign at the beginning of March 2016. The idea is to attach one million new bird boxes to Finnish trees by the end of May 2017. The campaign has got an excellent start. After three weeks over 300 000 nest boxes have already been registered!

Extensive forestry has dramatically changed forests and habitats. There are few old, hollow or rotten trees with woodpecker nest holes, so it’s hard for the birds that nest in tree cavities to find a nesting place. Nest boxes are a great way to help these birds and other hollow dwelling animals.

Many birds and animals need old-growth natural forests to find food and shelter, so protected areas are also very important.

Read more: SYKE – Yle’s One Million Nest Boxes campaign helping birds in need

Some biodiversity of the bird boxes

Bird box biodiversity
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Let Nature Be Your Valentine

Spring - love in the air
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Endangered Ministry of the Environment

Endangered Ministry of the Environment

New Prime Minister of Finland, Juha Sipilä aims to finish the Ministry of the Environment. Environmental issues would be relocated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and then it would be renamed as the Ministry of Natural Resources. At the same time the resources for the environmental supervision would be scaled down radically. The model for this comes straight from Putin’s Russia.

The result of this would be very much like the fox guarding the chicken coop.

The opposition parties have been against the idea of dumping the Ministry of the Environment. Three conservative parties, which negotiate about the Government Programme refuse to comment the issue. Environmental organizations campaign to save the Ministry.

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Fossil corps and the carbon bubble trouble

Carbon bubble trouble and coal divestment

To save the climate, we have to leave about 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves, coal, oil, gas and peat, unused.

The first Global Divestment Day 13th–14th February 2015.

Big oil has also noticed the action day, and produced their own hilarious animated video about this warm relationship.

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Wetlands offer ecosystem services

Liminka - Ramsar wetlands

Wetlands are not wastelands. Happy World Wetland Day 2015!

The cartoon was made for Liminka Bay Ramsar Area exhibition.

Cartoon in Spanish –  La caricatura en español:

Ramsar - humedales y servicios de los ecosistemas


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