Fastest and Biggest Dam Removal in Finland!

The biggest & fastest dam removal in Finland

The Sierilä hydro power plant planned by the Kemijoki Ltd would have dammed and drowned the last free-flowing main channel of Kemijoki River in the Northern  Finland. The dam project was canceled thanks to the long struggle of the NGOs and local activists!

Background info:

Cartoon from 2017:

The era of dam building is over!

The Kemijoki River in Northern Finland was once maybe the best salmon river in Europe.

The river was dammed after the World War II, and no fish passages were built, so the local salmon population was lost.

Kemijoki Ltd has now 16 hydro power plants in the Kemijoki River. The company wants to build one more with no fish passages. The planned Sierilä dam would drown the last free-flowing part of the river’s main channel under the dam reservoir.

The fisheries authorities have started a legal process requiring the power stations to build fish passages across all dams and to restore breeding areas.

The big power companies, PVO Ltd and Kemijoki Ltd (the latter with it’s owners Fortum, UPM, Helen etc.) oppose this process fiercely.

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Finished Live Drawings – part I

The first collection of the finished versions of livedrawings, that have been made in conferences and seminars mostly before the Covid pandemic.

WWF Fuller Symposium 2014: Full Plate – Nourishing the World Sustainably






The International Marine Conservation Congress IMCC3 Glasgow, Scotland 2014:



Wired in the Wild: Can Technology Save the Planet? WWF Fuller Symposium 2015:




2 Degrees Later: Resilience in a Changing World – “WWF Fuller Symposium held on November 15, 2016”





5th European Congress of Conservation Biology
12th – 15th of June 2018, Jyväskylä, Finland


Those #%&* bastards turned my home forest into pulp fiction!



The international conference on dam removal and the restauration of the Sélune river, from 24th to 26 September, 2019 in Brittany and Normandy


Roberto Epple (European Rivers Network – France)
Emergence et historique de l’effacement de barrages
Emergence and history of dam removals


Pao Fernández Garrido (World Fish Migration Foundation – Spain)
Portrait d’un nouveau mouvement européen de restauration de la continuité écologique des rivières
Portrait of a new European movement of opening up swimways in rivers


Joshua Royte (The Nature Conservancy – USA)
Impacts écologiques et sociaux des enlèvements de barrages sur les rivières Kennebec et Penobscot, Maine, USA
Ecological and social impacts of dam removals on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers, Maine


Dam Removal goes Alps – March 22, 2021





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Valentines Day – Fishes are cool, but so are macroinvertebrates too!

Caddis and The Gang - I
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We Need a Strong EU Deforestation Law!

Young artists send a strong message against the deforestation for EU MEPs:

Download the Booklet (PDF): We all hang on forests!

Please, take action: send your message to MEPs!

EU forest law - hang on forests
EU forest law - deforestation
EU forest law in action
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Alien predators pose a threat to ground-nesting birds in Northern Europe

The invasive alien raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) proved to be a more frequent and opportunistic predator than any of the native predator species.

Raccoon dog and birds nest

Alien species are recognised as presenting an increasingly global threat to native species, but we often lack evidence of their interactions and effects. For example, boreal nesting duck species have recently declined in abundance and in Finland more than half of the species are now classified as endangered. Alien predators have been suspected as playing a part in these declines and new studies suggest that this suspicion is justified. A joint Helsinki and Aarhus University study established more than 400 artificial nests containing farmed mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) eggs in normal duck nesting sites in Finland and Denmark, monitoring nest fates with wildlife cameras.

Read more:
Alien predators pose a threat to ground-nesting birds in Northern Europe


Invasive species American mink meets European mink

Invasive American mink pose a risk for birds nesting especially in wetlands & archipelago. It also is a threat for critically endangered European mink.


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