EU Water Law is Fit for Purpose!

Water framework directive is fit for purpose

Christmas comes early for rivers and nature:
The European Commission’s final evaluation of EU water legislation has concluded the EU Water Framework Directive to be “fit for purpose”.

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EU needs to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2030

UN - Sustainable Europe by 2030

WWF: “EU governments today reiterated their demand for an ambitious EU strategy to translate the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs), with clear targets and monitoring mechanisms.”

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Fish Migration from Sea to Source

Migratory fish are in trouble

At least half of all the flow in the world’s rivers is manipulated or fragmented, and the wild free flowing rivers are now more threatened than ever. Only 64 of the 177 rivers, longer than 1,000 km, are free-flowing and yet there are plans to build more than 3,500 new large dams in Asia, Africa and South America.

Migratory fish and river ecosystems need our help: dam removal, fish passages, river restoration, wetland and forest protection, and so on.

Learn more about migratory fish, rivers and what you can do from the book “From Sea to Source 2.0“!

You can download a free PDF version of the book from here: From Sea to Source 2.0

Here are the cartoons I made for the book.

Happy migratory fish vs dam

Fish migration - eel and trout

Migrating fish and a free running river

Salmon run

Global threats for migrating fish

Dam removal swimway and fish passages

Hydro power companies politicians and water law

Fish migration - nature-like fish passage

Dam removal swimway and fish passages

Education - school of fish
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Healthy planet healthy people

Live drawings for the WWF Fuller Symposium October 22 2019 with Auli helping with data & ideas. Leading health and environment experts discussed the relationship and complexity between human health and environmental systems and what we need to do to create better health opportunities for people and nature.

Michele Barry – Conflict and the Global Threat of Pandemics:

Environmental destruction conflicts and pandemia

Sam Myers: Protecting nature to protect ourselves:

Planetary health care unit

Ruth Oniang’o: Engaging local communities to improve health and agriculture:

Indigenous local plants are resilient

Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio: How Saving Forests Could Save Your Life – The economics of deforestation and human health:

Human health is connected with forests

William Pan: Mediators of environmental-health relationships – for example the relationship between land conversion and malaria:

Road building clearcutting mining and malaria

Karabi Acharya: Blue Marble Thinking – Seeing our world with new eyes:

River as a living entity with human rights

Susan Clayton: Environmental Health and Psychological Wellbeing – Making the connection:

Environmental health and psychological wellbeing

A major key takeaway from WWF Fuller: We need cooperation across all sectors to find the best human health and planetary health solutions:

Co-operation to protect environmental health



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When a finger points at the moon…

Climate strike - Greta Thunberg

Fridays For Future – School strike for the climate

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