To Kayak or not to Kayak

Eskimo roll is for the birds!

I like to be at the lake with a rowing boat or a canoe. Now I am wondering, should I also get a kayak for solo trips? Is there a model suitable both for lakes and rivers? Is it possible to fish from a kayak? Do I have time to go kayaking at all?  And how on earth can I ever learn that Eskimo roll thing? Problems, problems…

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2 Responses to To Kayak or not to Kayak

  1. Love your cartoons! And if you seriously want to work on the Eskimo roll… Practice, practice 😉

  2. Seppo says:

    Thanks Torger, nice link! Now all I need is a kayak! 🙂 Any suggestions for an all-round kayak for both lakes, white water and fishing?

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