Back to work blues – Kris Kristofferson gig helps

Back to work

As hard as it is to imagine, cartoonist really can have a holiday. And also cartoonist must come back to work and face harsh facts. Like the Finnish right wing government, that is tearing down public services and nature protection, and is turning country into some kind of mini USA or Russia…

So I needed something to cheer me up and what can cheer you up more than an American country singer!

Actually this was not the basic glittering yodeling wannabe cowboy. Kris Kristofferson had a gig in Tampere House 5th August. The man walked in the big empty black stage, plugged his acoustic guitar, and without any extra flattering intros, he just started to play. Incredible collection of his own songs. It was fine experience, just like a shower through your soul! Now back to work!

Here is a sample of Kristoffersons newest album This Old Road:

Kris Kristoffersson: In the news

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