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Ripped-off by Genetic Engineering Techniques 

Bill Gates invests Genetic EngineeringI fucking love science. It is proper a way to gain knowledge. Real science is open and transparent. You are  able to see how it is done and what is behind the numbers. You are also told, who has financed or sponsored the research, and so you can estimate, if there are some vested interests.
The […]

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Dry Toilet 2012 Conference in Tampere

Drytoilet - Swift relief for a poor water supplyIf there is a shortage of clean water, it may not be a wise idea to to pee and poo into it.
More info about the sanitation and dry toilets at Dry Toilet 2012 Conference website.

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Happy Earth Day 2012

Be cool - Save electricity

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Mining companies invade Finland

Santa does live in Finland – Uranium miningPoor environmental legislation and spineless politicians have made Finland a paradise for mining companies.
The nickel and zinc producer, Talvivaara Mining Company has so far gained reputation by ignoring environmental regulations. Huge emissions of sulphate, sodium and manganese have turned nearby freshwater lakes salty. The company has also been plannig something bigger. Behind closed doors it […]

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Nokia and Microsoft have a new smart CEOsystem

How to make a Windows smartphone look smartFinnish mobile phone company Nokia dumped open source Linux based Meego and jumped what they call “a new ecosystem”, that is Windows operating system. Good luck Nokia, you’re gonna need it.
Tomi T Ahonen writes: That is the Elop Effect and it will destroy your company in less than a year, guaranteed.
Engadget: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop […]

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