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Fossil corps and the carbon bubble trouble

Carbon bubble trouble and coal divestment To save the climate, we have to leave about 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves, coal, oil, gas and peat, unused.
The first Global Divestment Day 13th–14th February 2015.
Big oil has also noticed the action day, and produced their own hilarious animated video about this warm relationship.

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Santa Claude Juncker and TTIP

TTIP - EU and Santa ClaudeEuropean Union and USA are negotiating secrectly about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty, shortly TTIP. It is a sugar coated cake filled with unpleasant surprises.
George Monbiot wrote 5th November 2014 in Guardian:
“On this day a year ago, I was in despair. A dark cloud was rising over the Atlantic, threatening to blot out […]

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Nokia and Microsoft have a new smart CEOsystem

How to make a Windows smartphone look smartFinnish mobile phone company Nokia dumped open source Linux based Meego and jumped what they call “a new ecosystem”, that is Windows operating system. Good luck Nokia, you’re gonna need it.
Tomi T Ahonen writes: That is the Elop Effect and it will destroy your company in less than a year, guaranteed.
Engadget: Nokia CEO Stephen Elop […]

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EU warns Microsoft of new fines

European Union and Microsoft MonopolyThe European Commission has warned Microsoft about not offering a fair deal to rivals seeking to make their products more compatible with Windows. The company is threatened a fine about $4 million a day.
Read more from The Register.

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