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Big Garden Birdwatch

Big garden bird watchThe world’s largest wildlife survey 24-25 January 2015.
Big Garden Birdwatch

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Have a laid-back summer solstice

Summer Holidays Man and a Saimaa SealThe Summer Solstice is here, and in Finland we have a big party by the lake if possible. Here’s a relaxed vision from the lake Saimaa, where also an endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal lives.

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Astonishing Conspiracy Behind Climate Change Hoax Revealed – See the pictures!

By August Elokuu | 24 November 2009
(TOPPLED ANGLIA) Climate change has been revealed to be a complete fabrication with no basis in reality. This major scandal, unveiled Tuesday, is already shaking the foundations of the global scientific community and political leadership.
The whole mess saw the light of day Tuesday afternoon as thousands of climate scientists, […]

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Climate change deniers are sissy compared to Stephen Colbert!

Be cool!Sometimes it can be quite irritating to listen to the constant nagging of those fabulous global warming deniers. They keep on repeating their same old nice and wise arguments again and again. But now we have something even more nagging. Climate debate to end all climate debates! Stephen Colbert vs. Stephen Colbert co-starring Al Gore:

Mon […]

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The Lesser White-fronted Goose

The Lesser White-fronted Boose GroupThe Lesser White-fronted Goose is one of the most endangered bird species in the Finland and Scandinavia. It is in danger to die out. And noboby knew how to prevent the disaster…
Until some of the most sharply dressed gentlemen in the Northern hemisphere decided to act.
Ladies and Gentlemen, seppo.net proudly presents:
The Lesser White-fronted Boose Group […]

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