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Wetlands are not wastelands

Some dry facts of wetlandsCartoon for the Ramsar Convention, which organizes the World Wetlands Day 2 February 2013 with the theme “Wetlands and water management”.
Download the cartoon & other material for the World Wetlands Day 2013.
Ramsar WWD 2013 at Facebook
The cartoon and the other material are available also in French and in Spanish

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Ripped-off by Genetic Engineering Techniques 

Bill Gates invests Genetic EngineeringI fucking love science. It is proper a way to gain knowledge. Real science is open and transparent. You are  able to see how it is done and what is behind the numbers. You are also told, who has financed or sponsored the research, and so you can estimate, if there are some vested interests.
The […]

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Summer Bird Watch

Summer Bird Watch - BirdlifeSummertime is a great season for bird watching. Birdlife Finland organizes a Summer Bird Watch Weekend on 9-10th June. This public event encourages Finns to report, if they see some of the listed ten common bird species during the weekend. Birdlife also asks, if people have heard a cuckoo’s voice this year.

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Waste reduction clinic

Waste preventionWaste reduction saves energy and natural resources.
The European Week for Waste Reduction 19–27 november 2011.

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Feel at home in nature

Day care in nature Some day care centers in Finland and Sweden have a practise called “Feel at home in Nature” or “Rain or Shine”. Children are outdoors in nature as much as possible no matter if it is rainy or cold. Of course kids have proper outfit and experienced childminders. In forest they play, eat lunch by […]

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