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Wetland is a water bank

Wetland is a water bankWetlands help to cope with floodings and other extreme weather events.
World Wetlands Day: 2th February 2017.
More info & material in English, Spanish and French.
Cartoon in Spanish:Cartoon in French:Cartoon in Arabic:Cartoon in Greek:

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Wetlands offer ecosystem services

Liminka - Ramsar wetlandsWetlands are not wastelands. Happy World Wetland Day 2015!
The cartoon was made for Liminka Bay Ramsar Area exhibition.
Cartoon in Spanish –  La caricatura en español:

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Time to talk about birds, bees and flowers

Bees and flowers and biodiversityIt’s International Biodiversity Day! Let’s celebrate the richness of nature!

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Plight of the Bumblebee

Biodiversity and bumble beesWhen you look at a bumblebee doodling around in the meadow, it doesn’t look pretty effective part of the food chain. Actually bumblebees, bees and other pollinators are extremely important both wild plants and cultivated crops. UN is alarmed at huge decline in bee numbers.
“The way humanity manages or mismanages its nature-based assets, including pollinators, […]

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