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It’s the Bird Week for Kids!

Birdwatching with kidsBirdlife Finland has organized a Bird Week for Kids since 2004. This year 2019 it’ll be May 13th – 19th.
Here’s a Finnish article about the Bird Week for Kids Google translated in English.

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Live Map of Migrating Birds in Europe

Hazel grouse - common redstart and migrationFollow the migration of birds!
The LIVE Euro Bird Portal viewer shows the distribution of 105 bird species on weekly animated maps from January 2010 up to the current week.

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Finland clear-cuts forests at accelerating rate

Recreational Forest Clearcut and Willow TitForestry in Finland has been so intensive and harsh, that even formerly common forest species, like Willow Tit, are in trouble. In 2015 it was classified as vulnerable on the Red List because of population declines.
Finnish government wants to increase wood harvests by nearly 25 %. This will further reduce forest biodiversity and carbon sink […]

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The Lesser White-Fronted Geese Wedding

The Lesser White-Fronted Greece WeddingA new publication of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Life project is online.
Includes also a cartoon: The Lesser White-Fronted Greece Wedding

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Wetland is a water bank

Wetland is a water bankWetlands help to cope with floodings and other extreme weather events.
World Wetlands Day: 2th February 2017.
More info & material in English, Spanish and French.
Cartoon in Spanish:Cartoon in French:Cartoon in Arabic:Cartoon in Greek:

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