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Healthy planet healthy people

Environmental destruction conflicts and pandemiaLive drawings for the WWF Fuller Symposium October 22 2019 with Auli helping with data & ideas. Leading health and environment experts discussed the relationship and complexity between human health and environmental systems and what we need to do to create better health opportunities for people and nature.
Michele Barry – Conflict and the Global Threat […]

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Nature nurtures

Nature therapyForest bathing is good for your health and mind.

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Biodiversity and playing outdoors can prevent allergies

Biodiversity loss may increase allergiesPlodding through muddy ditches and trudging regularly along forest trails may decrease one’s risk of developing allergies, as certain soil and plant bacteria can enhance the immune system when living on the skin, says the Finnish study.
Ilkka Hanski from the University of Helsinki and Tari Haahtela from the HUCH Skin and Allergy Hospital and their […]

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Organic milk can cut eczema in children

Global Organic CowA newly published scientific study by the Louis Bolk Institute in the Netherlands shows that the incidence of eczema in infants fed on organic dairy products, and whose mothers also consumed organic dairy products, is 36% lower than in children who consume conventional dairy products.
You can read more from Organic Guide Blog.
The original study: British […]

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