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Time to talk about birds, bees and flowers

Bees and flowers and biodiversityIt’s International Biodiversity Day! Let’s celebrate the richness of nature!

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Migrating lemmings behaving badly

Hiking lemmings cartoonNorway lemmings (Lemmus lemmus) are migrating in Lapland. I saw those fearless tiny hairballs swimming at the Lake Inari and heard their angry swearing, when they encountered a human intruder.
More about lemmings at Outdoors.fi site.

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Midwinter Greetings from snowy Forest!

Kid detectives and the secrets of natureWarm Season’s Greetings and biodiverse New Year!

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First Save the Frogs Day

How Common Frog and Moor Frog utter soundToday 28th April 2009 is the first annual Save the Frogs Day. Amphibians are the most threatened group of animals. About 1/3 of the world’s 6,317 species are on the brink of extinction.
Visit Save the Frogs site for more information.
The cartoon above illustrates graphically the differences of the breeding calls between Common Frog (Rana […]

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