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Umweltaktivist wurde wegen Lachs-Graffiti an Staudamm-Mauer zum Schadenersatz von 20 000 € verurteilt!

Mach den Kemijoki Fluss für den Lachs wieder frei!

Der Fluss Kemijoki im Norden Finnlands war einst einer der lachs-reichsten Flüsse Europas.
Nach dem Ende des Zweiten Weltkrieges wurden die Vorkommnisse an Lachs- und anderen Wanderfischen durch den Bau von Staudämmen schlagartig und vollständig zerstört.
Bis heute fehlen bei den seither 16 gebauten Wasserkraftwerken die natürlichen Wanderwege für Fische. Dafür verantwortlich zeichnet sich das staatliche (Betreiber)- […]

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Activist to Pay Compensations to Power Company for “Damaging the Dam” with Art!

Hydro power company makes activist payThe Kemijoki River in Northern Finland was once maybe the best salmon river in Europe.
The river was dammed after the World War II, and no fish passages were built, so the local salmon population was lost.
Kemijoki Ltd has now 16 hydro power plants in the Kemijoki River. The company wants to build one more with […]

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Stop Fake Green EU Finance Rules

EU - Stop Fake Gren

WWF EU: “130 NGOs and experts are sounding the alarm on the EU’s green finance rules, the ‘Taxonomy’, and calling for them to be rooted in science. In a detailed joint statement, the groups flag and analyse ten priority areas of concern in the European Commission’s draft, which covers which sectors can be classed as […]

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Stop Legal Hunting of Endangered Animals

Campaing to end legal hunting of endangered speciesIn Finland the law allows hunting of 17 threatened species. That is unbearable.
A group of Finnish individuals has put up a Citizens’ intiative to change this law. If at least fifty thousand Finnish citizens entitled to vote will sign this initiative, it will move forward to the Parliament.

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Harvesting Moss and Top Peat Layer Destroys Open Peatlands in Finland

Finnish peat industry found a new way to destroy peat bogs In Finland it is allowed to peel off the vegetation and the surface layer of peat from peatlands without an environmental permit. It is not even required to inform the authorities of this activity.
Peat industry claims that this is an “environmentally friendly” way to produce growing media for gardening and greenhouses. But in practice harvesting […]

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