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Finished Live Drawings – part I

The first collection of the finished versions of livedrawings, that have been made in conferences and seminars mostly before the Covid pandemic.
WWF Fuller Symposium 2014: Full Plate – Nourishing the World Sustainably




The International Marine Conservation Congress IMCC3 Glasgow, Scotland 2014:


Wired in the Wild: Can Technology Save the Planet? WWF Fuller Symposium 2015:



2 Degrees Later: Resilience […]

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Valentines Day – Fishes are cool, but so are macroinvertebrates too!

Caddis and The Gang - I

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We Need a Strong EU Deforestation Law!

EU forest law - hang on forests
Young artists send a strong message against the deforestation for EU MEPs:

Download the Booklet (PDF): We all hang on forests!
Please, take action: send your message to MEPs!

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Alien predators pose a threat to ground-nesting birds in Northern Europe

Raccoon dog and birds nestThe invasive alien raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides) proved to be a more frequent and opportunistic predator than any of the native predator species.
Alien species are recognised as presenting an increasingly global threat to native species, but we often lack evidence of their interactions and effects. For example, boreal nesting duck species have recently declined in […]

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Wild bees also need food!

Bee hotel - No restaurant!Bee hotels help wild solitary bees & wasps. Also rotten tree trunks and open sandy patches are good for them. But pollinators also need food. So mowe less grass & leave wild areas for wild flowers in the garden, please!

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