Feel at home in nature

Day care in nature

Some day care centers in Finland and Sweden have a practise called “Feel at home in Nature” or “Rain or Shine”. Children are outdoors in nature as much as possible no matter if it is rainy or cold. Of course kids have proper outfit and experienced childminders. In forest they play, eat lunch by the open fire and listen a fairy tale under the tree. Kids even have their nap there in sleeping bags!

The Nordic Council Nature and Environment Prize 2009 has been awarded to the Swedish forest-schools initiative “I Ur och Skur” (Rain or Shine).

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2 Responses to Feel at home in nature

  1. What a wonderful article.
    This is the way things were when I was a child. In fact very early in life we were introduced to nature.
    Everyday no matter the weather we played outdoors if possible.
    As a result I learned to appreciate and love nature and our Planet.

    Most children today are indoors, hooked on video games, on a cell phone or going to the mall to shop.

    Maybe this article will help a new generation understand what ‘good parenting’ involves.


  2. Seppo says:

    Sounds familiar. When I was kid we also played outside a lot. Today kids have so many options to choose. I think it is up to parents to look after that children also go out for a while. It is a challenge, because computer games give so much excitement, adventure and joy. It helps if parents go out too, and do not stay inside looking television… 🙂
    I hope that also schools had some days out. Now children just sit there all day, while teachers try to shovel information in their minds. There are some Nature schools in Finland. A class and teacher comes there, and they spend a day exploring nature partly outside, partly in the classroom.

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