Season’s Greetings Cards

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Finnish versions of the Season’s Greetings cards here.

Santa and bioenergy
TTIP - EU and Santa Claude
Santa Claus and Kyoto protocol
Seasons Creetings Card - Tit and Candle
Santa and melting Arctic Ice
Santa and Arctic oil and Black Christmas
Peaceful Christmas from Old Growth Forest!
Seasons Creetings Card from a winter wonderland
Seasons Creetings Net Card
Seasons Creetings Card
Red hat, green energy and white Christmas
Santa goes to White House with a Lump of Coal...Seasons Creetings Card from SnowmanSeasons Creetings Card from a winter wonderlandSeasons Creetings - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and RelaxSeasons Creetings Card - Rich and Poor CountriesSanta says best things in life are freeSeason's Creetings Card- Christmas treeSeason's Creetings Card - Immaterial JoySeasons Creetings Card - BakingSeasons Creetings Card - Recycle Seasons Creetings Card - Sustainable SantaSeason's Creetings without SnowSeason's Creetings Card from SantaKyoto protocol und Santa Claus im Weihnacht

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