Skiing off trails in Kainuu

Footprints of a lynx and hare in a snow


Skiing in  Kainuu Hills after New Year party with good friends and good old over 10 feet long forests skiis. We went off-trails in unbroken snow. Or not totally unbroken, some animals had been off trail too. Here a lynx has followed footprints of a hare.

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2 Responses to Skiing off trails in Kainuu

  1. Adam Shake says:

    Hi there! Hope you had a good new year. It looks like the skiing trip was nice. Just dropped in to say hello.


  2. Seppo says:

    Hi Alan, we planned yo go skiing at the open mires to find also footprints of wolves, but it was quite cold -20 degrees Celsius with fresh wind, so we stayed in the forest 🙂

    Your site rocks!

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