Tired of Junk Mail?

Print free sticker: No Unsolicited Mail Please! - Creative Commons: Seppo Leinonen, www.seppo.net/e/

If you do not want to get junk mail, feel free to print this sticker for your door or post box. You can click the cartoon to make it bigger for printing, or download the printable sticker in PDF-format.

The cartoon can be used and distributed free for non-commercial purposes with credit (cc Seppo) and link (http://www.seppo.net/e/tired-of-junk-mail).

Here are also Swedish and  German versions of the sticker.
(If you like to have the sticker here in your own language, please send me the translation. )

Ingen reklam tack! Creative Commons: Seppo Leinonen, www.seppo.net/e/

Ingen reklam tack! PDF-format

Bitte keine Werbung! Creative Commons: Seppo Leinonen - www.seppo.net/e/

Bitte keine Werbung! PDF Format

Ei mainoksia, kiitos!

Ei mainoksia kiitos! PDF-versio


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3 Responses to Tired of Junk Mail?

  1. Wendy says:

    So adorable and handy too! You think of everything. Thanks!

  2. Tuovi Kurttio says:

    mites olisi viroksi joku noista versioista:

    Ei reklaamile, aitäh!

    Siia ainult tellitud post, aitäh!

    See on reklaamivaba postkast, aitäh!


    Suloisia kevätpäiviä!


  3. Seppo says:

    Thanks Tuovi for Estonian versions! Which one of those is your favorit?

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