World Fly Fishing Championships in Finland

Fly Fishing Championships

The World Fly Fishing Championships were held in Finland June 13th – 20th 2007. Around 200 competitors from 25 different countries arrived in River Simojoki, the river that still runs free.

Team of France won the Gold medals, congratulations to winners! Actually all partisipants are the lucky ones. They were able to enjoy the free running River Simojoki.

In Finland those few remaining free waterways are in danger. Our new right wing government wants to build more hydro electric power.

First River in danger is River Iijoki just close by River Simojoki. Free running parts of the river are protected by a law, but now some ministers want to change that. The company Pohjolan Voima wants built the middle part of the river and destroy the rapids. Two biggest owners of Pohjolan voima are giant forest products companies UPM Kymmene and Stora Enso.

Also many smaller rivers are now in jeopardy too. Free Rivers and their endangered wild fish stocks needs urgent help!

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  1. bighorn_08 says:

    Damming rivers isn’t always a bad thing often it improves fish habitat. the bighorn river for example one is of the most famous fly fishing rivers in north america and it owes that reputation to the yellowtail dam and proper management of the river.

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