Deja vu with Nisshin Maru

When I heard the news that flagship of the Japanese whaling fleet, Nisshin Maru, was gought fire in the Southern Ocean, I got a deja vu feeling. This has happened before.

24th November 1998 I had made a cartoon about this unlucky vessel and published it with following text:

“The Japanese whale processing ship Nisshin Maru burned at sea 19.11.98. Japanese Whaling float was heading to the Southern Ocean sanctuary area to research whales with harpoons.
More about Scientifically correct Japanese Whaling habits… (link to the Greenpeace site)”

Sperm whales and Japanese whaling ship Nisshin Maru

The recent accident cost a life of one crew member. Nisshin Maru has no power, and New Zealand authorities want the stricken ship moved away from the area where it caught fire. There is still a risk of oil spill if the weather turns bad.

Greenpeace has their ship Esperanza at the place.

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