Mottainai – How to save nature for future generations

Natural resources and future generations

In Finland we have every spring a happening called “Nuukuusviikko”, something about Thrifty Week in english. NGO organisations encourage people to live their daily lives using less energy and natural resources.

The Green Changemakers have found a Japanese term for Thrifty Week. It is Mottainai! 🙂 It is an old Japanese word with love and compassion to think of the gift from the nature or someone who made the product. The word closest to Mottainai in English is “Do not waste!”.

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2 Responses to Mottainai – How to save nature for future generations

  1. naveen says:

    hai.. your information is very goodddddd..

  2. hosein mosavinejad says:

    i like have heaven in the world like canada

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