The Lesser White-Fronted Geese Wedding

A new publication of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Life project is online.

Includes also a cartoon: The Lesser White-Fronted Greece Wedding

The Lesser White-Fronted Greece Wedding
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Fishy Cartoons Exhibition

Wels catfish and funny relatives

Cartoons by Seppo Leinonen in the Finnish Museum of Natural History in Helsinki until 15th October 2017 – Now provided with English translations!

Are you familiar with ruff, bullhead and ninespine stickleback? There are lots of funny fishes in Finland, which many of us have never seen. The exhibition by cartoonist Seppo Leinonen in the café of the Natural History Museum presents different fish species and introduces you to the joys and griefs of fishing and fishery policies.

Fish themselves are fabulous and an important food source, but the vast number of world´s fish stocks is overfished. Nor is it easy for fishes in Finland. The wild brown trout is endangered, most of the rivers are dammed and the fish ladders are lacking. Poorly regulated gillnet fishing threatens wild fish stocks.

Nonetheless Leinonen is hopeful: “The fish stocks can recover, if they are given the chance: useless dams are torn down, fish ladders are constructed and breeding areas are restored. There are good examples from abroad.”

In the exhibition there are also cartoons of climate change. “Climate change is a huge issue, which needs to be solved fast by reducing energy use and shifting to clean, renewable energy sources”, Leinonen says.

Seppo Leinonen is known both in Finland and abroad as a cartoonist specialized in nature and environment. He draws humorous and critical cartoons of serious issues like biodiversity, climate change and environmental problems. A lifelong nature interest and tedious background studies are demonstrated in his cartoons, which contain, in addition to amusement, also information of nature and natural sciences.

The Finnish Museum of Natural History

Cartoon exhibition by Seppo Leinonen int The café of the Natural History Museum

Setting up the Fishy Exhibition at the Café of the Natural History Museum.

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Wetland is a water bank

Wetlands help to cope with floodings and other extreme weather events.
World Wetlands Day: 2th February 2017.
More info & material in English, Spanish and French.

Wetland is a water bank

Cartoon in Spanish:

Humedal - Banco del Agua

Cartoon in French:

Ramsar - La Banque H2O

Cartoon in Arabic:

ɿʜʝʋʂʞʚʑɿʂ ʀʞʛ ʜʜʝʢɿʟ

Cartoon in Greek:

Wetland is a water bank - in Greek
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One Million Bird Boxes!

Bird box - Boreal owl

The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle launched the One Million Bird Boxes campaign at the beginning of March 2016. The idea is to attach one million new bird boxes to Finnish trees by the end of May 2017. The campaign has got an excellent start. After three weeks over 300 000 nest boxes have already been registered!

Extensive forestry has dramatically changed forests and habitats. There are few old, hollow or rotten trees with woodpecker nest holes, so it’s hard for the birds that nest in tree cavities to find a nesting place. Nest boxes are a great way to help these birds and other hollow dwelling animals.

Many birds and animals need old-growth natural forests to find food and shelter, so protected areas are also very important.

Read more: SYKE – Yle’s One Million Nest Boxes campaign helping birds in need

Some biodiversity of the bird boxes

Bird box biodiversity
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Let Nature Be Your Valentine

Spring - love in the air
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