Fossil corps and the carbon bubble trouble

Carbon bubble trouble and coal divestment

To save the climate, we have to leave about 80% of the known fossil fuel reserves, coal, oil, gas and peat, unused.

The first Global Divestment Day 13th–14th February 2015.

Big oil has also noticed the action day, and produced their own hilarious animated video about this warm relationship.

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Wetlands offer ecosystem services

Liminka - Ramsar wetlands

Wetlands are not wastelands. Happy World Wetland Day 2015!

The cartoon was made for Liminka Bay Ramsar Area exhibition.

Cartoon in Spanish –  La caricatura en español:

Ramsar - humedales y servicios de los ecosistemas


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Big Garden Birdwatch

Big garden bird watch

The world’s largest wildlife survey 24-25 January 2015.

Big Garden Birdwatch

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Santa Claude Juncker and TTIP

TTIP - EU and Santa Claude

European Union and USA are negotiating secrectly about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership treaty, shortly TTIP. It is a sugar coated cake filled with unpleasant surprises.

George Monbiot wrote 5th November 2014 in Guardian:

“On this day a year ago, I was in despair. A dark cloud was rising over the Atlantic, threatening to blot out some of the freedoms our ancestors lost their lives to secure. The ability of parliaments on both sides of the ocean to legislate on behalf of their people was at risk from an astonishing treaty, that would grant corporations special powers to sue governments. I could not see a way of stopping it.

Almost no one had heard of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US, except those who were quietly negotiating it. And I suspected that almost no one ever would. Even the name seemed perfectly designed to repel public interest. I wrote about it(1) for one reason: to be able to tell my children that I had not done nothing.”

If you do not like TTIP, you can sign the Self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) against TTIP and CETA.


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Farewell to Martha – the last of her kin

Martha - the last passenger pigeon

On 1 September 1914, in the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio the last Passenger pigeon called Martha died.

Passenger pigeon (Ectopistes migratorius) was the most abundant bird in North America and possibly in the world, and its swift extinction is an amazing and scary example of what human activity can achieve.

How did this all happen? Is there a lesson to learn?

More info:

Mark Avery‘s  prestigious book A Message from Martha.

Mark Avery: A Message from MarthaAudubon Magazine writes about the Project Passenger Pigeon:

“If public disinterest helped exterminate the passenger pigeon, then one modern-day parallel might be public skepticism about climate change…

…’The world is so big and the atmosphere is so big; how could we possibly have an impact on the global climate?’

Even the political rhetoric of those who don’t want to address climate change aggressively has 19th century echoes. “The industry that paid people to kill these birds said, ‘If you restrict the killing, people will lose their jobs,’ ” notes Greenberg–“the very same things you hear today.”


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