Healthy planet healthy people

Live drawings for the WWF Fuller Symposium October 22 2019 with Auli helping with data & ideas. Leading health and environment experts discussed the relationship and complexity between human health and environmental systems and what we need to do to create better health opportunities for people and nature.

Michele Barry – Conflict and the Global Threat of Pandemics:

Environmental destruction conflicts and pandemia

Sam Myers: Protecting nature to protect ourselves:

Planetary health care unit

Ruth Oniang’o: Engaging local communities to improve health and agriculture:

Indigenous local plants are resilient

Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio: How Saving Forests Could Save Your Life – The economics of deforestation and human health:

Human health is connected with forests

William Pan: Mediators of environmental-health relationships – for example the relationship between land conversion and malaria:

Road building clearcutting mining and malaria

Karabi Acharya: Blue Marble Thinking – Seeing our world with new eyes:

River as a living entity with human rights

Susan Clayton: Environmental Health and Psychological Wellbeing – Making the connection:

Environmental health and psychological wellbeing

A major key takeaway from WWF Fuller: We need cooperation across all sectors to find the best human health and planetary health solutions:

Co-operation to protect environmental health



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When a finger points at the moon…

Climate strike - Greta Thunberg

Fridays For Future – School strike for the climate

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The Sélune River Will Run Free at Last!

Liberté - Egalité - Dam Removalité!

The international conference on dam removal and the restauration of the Sélune river, from 24th to 26 September, 2019 in Brittany and Normandy. (Rennes / Avranches – Mont Saint Michel).

Live drawings during the seminar 24.9.2019:

Claire-Cécile Garnier (Ministère de l’écologie – France) talked about French water legislation & ecological continuity.

Dam retires

Roberto Epple from European Rivers Network – France talked about dam removal in France: “Is it time to let old dams to retire?”

How to remove dams in human minds

Françis Hayes (Scottish Environment Protection Agency – Scotland, UK): To explain people, why river restoration & dam removal is important, we use facts & science, believe it or not.

Removing a small dam

Gordon Grant (Forest Service, PNW Research Station- USA) talked about the physical and aquatic response of rivers to dam removal.

Recovery of vegetation at Sélune dams removal

Gilles Berrée (Direction Départementale des Territoire et de la Mer de la Manche – France) talked about managing sediment movements & recovery of vegetation at Sélune dams removal.

Dam Removal – The Damino effect

Pao Fernández Garrido (World Fish Migration Foundation – Spain) talked about a new European movement of opening up swimways in rivers.

Live drawings during the seminar 25.9.2019:

Recreational fishing and river continuity

Jean-Paul Doron (Fédération Nationale de la Pêche en France) talked about recreational fishing and river continuity.

Dams dam migration both upstream and downstream

Aurélie Jouée & Erick Goupil (SAGE Selune et Communauté d’agglomération du Mont Saint-Michel Normandie – France) talked about Selune Valley revival.

Korea’s Dam Removal Campaign

Jenny Shin (Korean Federation of Environmental Movement – South Korea) talked about Korea’s Dam Removal Campaign & Restoration of Four Major Rivers.

Creation of values by the return of the salmon

Jean Allardi (Association Internationale de défense du #saumon Atlantique) talked about creation of values by the return of the salmon in a free valley.

Instant river restoration

Joshua Royte (The Nature Conservancy – USA) talked about ecological and social impacts of dam removals on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers, Maine.

Peaceful Normandy invasion by salmon

Olivier Fauriel & Stéphane Le Villain (Agence Française pour la biodiversité et Agence de l’Eau Seine #Normandie) talked about restoration of ecological continuity in Orne river, benefits and biological response.

River restoration benefitting fish, people & the economy

Kim Birnie-Gauvin
Freshwater Fisheries & Ecology National Institute of Aquatic Resources, Denmark) talked about barrier removal and river restoration: benefitting fish, people & the economy

Condacting the dam removal symphony

Beth Lambert, Massachusetts Division of Ecological Restoration, USA talked about the economic impacts of ecological restoration and dam removal in Massachusetts

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Emperor Bolsonero & burning Amazonas

Jair Bolsonero burns Amazonas

Amnesty petition:

“Demand the Brazilian Government protect Indigenous Peoples’ rights and the Amazon

President Bolsonaro’s government has enabled illegal seizures of Indigenous lands in the Amazon, resulting in illegal intruders threatening and intimidating Indigenous Peoples and leading to an estimated 75,000 forest fires this year.

In May 2019 we warned that the situation for Indigenous Peoples and the Amazon forest would become untenable in the dry season unless the government changed course. Now that has become a tragic reality and the forest is being devoured by fire.

This is both an environmental catastrophe and a human rights crisis. We need to act now. Protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples is vital to protecting the Amazon.

The fires need to be put out. But President Bolsonaro’s government has deliberately cut funding and undermined civilian institutions such as Brazil’s National Indian Foundation -FUNAI- and the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources -IBAMA, both of which help monitor and protect the Amazon.

We need to act NOW and demand President Bolsonaro strengthen the protection of Indigenous territories and environmentally protected areas by reinstating funding to FUNAI and IBAMA, carrying out more monitoring and patrols to stop land invasions, and holding to account those responsible for illegal fires, deforestation and illegal land seizures.

Please sign and share this action.”

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Peat extraction is bad for the climate and nature

Peat burning and school climate strike

Peat extraction is bad for the climate, waterways & wetlands. Finland even subsidises burning peat for energy.

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