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Help to save Santa’s home

Santa and melting Arctic IceSanta has trouble as the Arctic ice is melting. Please visit Save Santa’s Home to save the Arctic and rescue Christmas. You also can send Arctic e-cards from there.  I drew these two of them.
Here’s a rare video footage from Santa headquarters:

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Have a laid-back summer solstice

Summer Holidays Man and a Saimaa SealThe Summer Solstice is here, and in Finland we have a big party by the lake if possible. Here’s a relaxed vision from the lake Saimaa, where also an endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal lives.

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Risky Arctic oil rush

Polar Bear and Arctic oil ExplorationShell and other oil companies want to drill oil in the melting Arctic. It is a risky business for the nature and the climate.
BBC News 4 February 2013: Concerns raised over ‘useless’ Arctic oil spill plan

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Dry Toilet 2012 Conference in Tampere

Drytoilet - Swift relief for a poor water supplyIf there is a shortage of clean water, it may not be a wise idea to to pee and poo into it.
More info about the sanitation and dry toilets at Dry Toilet 2012 Conference website.

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Summer Bird Watch

Summer Bird Watch - BirdlifeSummertime is a great season for bird watching. Birdlife Finland organizes a Summer Bird Watch Weekend on 9-10th June. This public event encourages Finns to report, if they see some of the listed ten common bird species during the weekend. Birdlife also asks, if people have heard a cuckoo’s voice this year.

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