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Summary of the Climate Summit

Tu valu or not Tu valu - that is the questionWhat is happening in Copenhagen? tcktcktck.org
What is happening in Tuvalu?
Download a printable version of the cartoon (Creative Commons) 

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Is Copenhagen climate treaty an endangered species?

Seal the real climate deal!TheCopenhagen climate treaty is at risk to fail. Only three weeks before the Copenhagen summit many politicians have said, that the legally binding climate deal will be delayed by six months, or even a year. Can we afford that?
The International Energy Agency (IEA) gives a hint:
“The International Energy Agency (IEA) has announced in its latest […]

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Greenhouse Effect in 1992

George Bush - the green house effect - 1992I made his cartoon after the UN Conference on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro in 1992.  US president George Bush dropped by but missed the point… Even today the majority of the leading politicians seem to have the similar nonchalant attitude towards global warming. Fortunately the present US president is not one of […]

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Mission Accomplished – Goodbye President Bush!

Intelligent Design - President BushFinally president Bush gives the world some hope – by stepping aside. Now we can clearly see what he has achieved during last eight years.
Eight years ago January 17, 2001 the Onion published a satirical made-up inauguration speech of George W. Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’. It is […]

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BBC celebrates top moments of Bush

BBC has collected the unforgettable appearances of the ‘misunderestimated’ president Bush.
“I think war is a dangerous place.”
Washington DC, 7 May, 2003
The photo has been taken in a Finnish coffee house toilet summer 2004.

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