Shell vs. Ken Saro Wiwa

Stop Shell - Ken Saro Wiwa poster

Nigerian environmental activist and writer Ken Saro Wiwa was executed in November 1995.  He was convicted by a military tribunal of the Nigerian military junta. Ken Saro Wiwa helped Ogoni people to organize non-violent protests against the the impact of Shell oil exploration, which  was destroying the environment at the Niger Delta.

Today 27th May 2009 Shell is in court in New York accused of crimes against humanity over its activities in the Niger Delta. Read the whole article from the Guardian: 14 years after Ken Saro-Wiwa’s death, family points finger at Shell in court

I made the poster above in 1997 for the Kumppani-magazine. Printable version for non-commercial use can be downloaded here. (3,6 mt).

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4 Responses to Shell vs. Ken Saro Wiwa

  1. Wendy says:

    Such a sad story. Thank you the reminder. I hope his family gets some sort of satisfaction from Shell!

  2. Uncle Buck says:

    Shell is not a stand alone case of atrocities by MNCs, particularly oil and chemical majors. UOP is still shirking its responsibility of bhopal gas tragedy in India. This and the UOP case just goes on to show how these companies can bend laws and bribe people in power to get their ends met. Ken Saro Wiwa is a sad story, lets hope he finally gets justice.

  3. Ofunne says:

    Fantastic! Every little bit of awareness makes a difference. Thank you!

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