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Endangered Species Day

Unprofitable endangered speciesMayday! Today 15th May 2009 is an Endangered Species Day.

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Tired of Junk Mail?

If you do not want to get junk mail, feel free to print this sticker for your door or post box. You can click the cartoon to make it bigger for printing, or download the printable sticker in PDF-format.
The cartoon can be used and distributed free for non-commercial purposes with credit (cc Seppo) and link […]

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Earth Day Dreams

Earth Day - Humankind and Mother EarthEarth Day 22th April calls for action.

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Fed up with pork, beef and poultry fed with GMO soya

Meat eater consumes natural resourcesWe are cutting down our meat consumption for several reasons. Intensive meat production beefs up carbon emissions. Here in Finland more and more meat is produced with GMO soya and it is impossible to know if GMO soya is used to feed the animals or not.
So when we use meat, we tend to prefer elk, […]

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Buy Nothing Day 2008

Waste Package from TV-Shop Buy Nothing Day can be celebrated today 28th november 2008 by bying nothing.
And the other days of the year it would be wise to think twice before you buy. There are those very smart folks who keeps telling that it doesn’t make any difference what a single person consumes. The whole system should be […]

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