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Dry Toilet 2009

Drytoilet - Swift relief for a poor water supplyPoor sanitation is a problem. The world is running out of water. Holy flush toilet bowl! What shall we do, Robin?
DRY TOILET 2009 – Third International Dry Toilet Conference in Tampere, Finland, 12-15 August 2009
“The year 2008 was declared the International Year of Sanitation. The core theme of Dry Toilet 2009 is to evaluate the […]

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Shell vs. Ken Saro Wiwa

Stop Shell - Ken Saro Wiwa posterNigerian environmental activist and writer Ken Saro Wiwa was executed in November 1995.  He was convicted by a military tribunal of the Nigerian military junta. Ken Saro Wiwa helped Ogoni people to organize non-violent protests against the the impact of Shell oil exploration, which  was destroying the environment at the Niger Delta.
Today 27th May 2009 […]

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Mottainai – How to save nature for future generations

Natural resources and future generationsIn Finland we have every spring a happening called “Nuukuusviikko”, something about Thrifty Week in english. NGO organisations encourage people to live their daily lives using less energy and natural resources.
The Green Changemakers have found a Japanese term for Thrifty Week. It is Mottainai! 🙂 It is an old Japanese word with love and compassion […]

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Seeking sustainable relief – check dry toilet

Drytoilet - Swift relief for a poor water supplyThe lack of proper sanitation kills every day about 5000 children. 2,6 billion people have never used proper toilet. In many parts of the world people suffer water shortage, and the climate change will even worsen the water crisis. So it will not make much sense to build water closets in the dry parts of […]

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Seasonable Season’s Greetings from Finland!

Season's Creetings without SnowHalf of our country has no snow, which is an abnormal situation here.
The climate is changing. Maybe we have to change our ways too.
I wish You a peaceful and refreshing Holiday Season!

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