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Fair Trade – connecting people

Fair TradeWorld trade is unfair, and there is not an easy way out. Tiny steps towards a more equal world can be taken by buying Fair Trade products.

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GM canola escapes into the wild

Genetically modified Canola spreads into the wildGenetically modified canola has escaped into the wild. Actually, two varieties of it have – one modified to be resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and the other to Bayer Crop Science’s Liberty herbicide. Scientists have also found out that these two transgenic verieties have interbred, so a brand new brand of canola has been born […]

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream!

Dream come trueHappy Mid Summer from Finland!

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Enormous leak of brand new PB logos

A realistic version of BP logoBritish Petroleum BP has gained plenty of publicity for its actions with tar sands in Canada and also with Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Here’s my suggestion for a better up-to -date logo for BP. There are many more nice proposals for a new BP logo to be seen at Greenpece UK’s site.

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Fossil fueled filibusters

Climate change deniers credit cardBig fossil fuel corporations don’t want to lose their fancy profits for something so stupid and childish, like the idea of “saving the earth for future generations”.  “What have these future generations done for us?” these companies ask with reason.
These good old well oiled corporations have not given up. They have a dream too. And […]

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