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GM canola escapes into the wild

Genetically modified Canola spreads into the wildGenetically modified canola has escaped into the wild. Actually, two varieties of it have – one modified to be resistant to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, and the other to Bayer Crop Science’s Liberty herbicide. Scientists have also found out that these two transgenic verieties have interbred, so a brand new brand of canola has been born […]

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Hacked genetic code worse than a computer virus

Bill Gates invests Genetic EngineeringGMWatch reports, that many NGO organizations have criticized Bill Gates for pushing GMO plants to Africa:

African NGOs slam Gates’ neo-colonial strategy
Bill Gates reveals love of GMOs
Africa: Profits Before People – the Great African Liquidation Sale

Now also Sierra Club has sent an open letter to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:
Dear Mr. Gates
Sierra Club, the world’s largest […]

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Fed up with pork, beef and poultry fed with GMO soya

Meat eater consumes natural resourcesWe are cutting down our meat consumption for several reasons. Intensive meat production beefs up carbon emissions. Here in Finland more and more meat is produced with GMO soya and it is impossible to know if GMO soya is used to feed the animals or not.
So when we use meat, we tend to prefer elk, […]

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Organic milk can cut eczema in children

Global Organic CowA newly published scientific study by the Louis Bolk Institute in the Netherlands shows that the incidence of eczema in infants fed on organic dairy products, and whose mothers also consumed organic dairy products, is 36% lower than in children who consume conventional dairy products.
You can read more from Organic Guide Blog.
The original study: British […]

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