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Forest Biodiversity Programme Metso cartoon

The Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO - protectionA couple of cartoons for the Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO. The project aims at halting the ongoing loss of forest species and biotopes.
The voluntary-based Metso conservation is a good tool for protecting and restoring forests. But it cannot alone save the forest habitats and species. We need also more protected areas, national parks and better environmental […]

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British government wants to sell off public forests

UK government wants to sell public forests
One third of British woodland is publicly owned. The government has revealed plans to privatise these forests and woodlands. The sell-off plan has evoked widespread protests. The majority of the British are against the sell-off plans. The Guardian reports:
“A YouGov poll has found that 84% of people agreed the woods and forests should be kept […]

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Tired of Junk Mail?

If you do not want to get junk mail, feel free to print this sticker for your door or post box. You can click the cartoon to make it bigger for printing, or download the printable sticker in PDF-format.
The cartoon can be used and distributed free for non-commercial purposes with credit (cc Seppo) and link […]

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Finnish Researchers Appeal to Save Old Natural Forests

Old Growth Forests on Short SupplyOpen letter demanding end for logging in remaining natural forests in Finland was published 7.2.2007 in the web page of University of Helsinki (link in Finnish).
The letter and press release were distributed to Finnish media, Ministry of Forestry, Ministry of State Treasure and Ministry of Environment, Finnish Parliament and Metsähallitus.
“…it can be reasonably stated that […]

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