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Winter vacation!

Skiing holidays – Daddy coming downhillIt is a skiing holiday season and at least here in Finland we have a real winter with snow and freeze for a change. To celebrate the chilly season I uploaded some winter vacation net cards.

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Valentine from Wilderness!

Siberian Jay and tits feeding at the wildernessIn winter living is hard for Siberian Jays in Finnish Lapland. They have learnt to keep an eye on feeding big mammals in order to get some leftovers.

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Skiing off trails in Kainuu

Skiing in  Kainuu Hills after New Year party with good friends and good old over 10 feet long forests skiis. We went off-trails in unbroken snow. Or not totally unbroken, some animals had been off trail too. Here a lynx has followed footprints of a hare.

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Feel at home in nature

Day care in nature Some day care centers in Finland and Sweden have a practise called “Feel at home in Nature” or “Rain or Shine”. Children are outdoors in nature as much as possible no matter if it is rainy or cold. Of course kids have proper outfit and experienced childminders. In forest they play, eat lunch by […]

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Back to work blues – Kris Kristofferson gig helps

Back to work As hard as it is to imagine, cartoonist really can have a holiday. And also cartoonist must come back to work and face harsh facts. Like the Finnish right wing government, that is tearing down public services and nature protection, and is turning country into some kind of mini USA or Russia…
So I needed […]

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